Carnival 2011 in Rio de Janeiro

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Although Carnival is celebrated in thousands of cities around the globe, Rio de Janeiro immortalized himself as the carnival capital of the world. The Rio Carnival is not only the largest but also serves as a reference for any other to compare and demonstrate their greatness. Everyone, everywhere, has heard the Rio carnival, an event that annually handles more than half a million tourists traveling to Brazil especially to see this happening spot. event is a celebration of four days hallucinating. Officially begins on Saturday and ends on Fat Tuesday. The carnival, with all its excesses, is celebrated in February, the hottest month in the Southern Hemisphere, when summer reaches its peak. Sorry climate or not, the festive atmosphere is odd, where you can see dances and bodies without clothes in an atmosphere of unparalleled human closeness. This is actually the biggest cultural event in Brazilian media and incredibly well known throughout the global population like no other.

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